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General UAHS Information (Prospective Students)

We typically have between 12-15 horn students, a mix of performance and education majors, and some non-majors who hold their own against the others! We present a UA Horn Studio recital each semester, with each person (teacher included!) performing a movement of a solo piece, often followed by an ensemble piece involving all. There are two hours weekly of horn studio master class, where we cover topics of general concern and need, rehearse specific pieces for performance, read orchestral horn section parts, play large ensemble literature, perform solo for each other's comments and observations and try out students' arrangements and compositions. We also have horn sectional rehearsals, sometimes in class, and are starting up brass section readings of major symphonic repertoire.

Performance opportunities abound, with 3-4 group recitals per semester (any individual can play a short piece on a program shared by others, a full-length solo or shard recital, many chamber ensemble and the four major ensembles. The atmosphere in the horn studio is one of cooperative effort and constructive interaction. Ill feelings or actions towards others do not seem to be present, and would not be tolerated if they were. It is a nice group of hard-working hornists.

This year we have 13 students from a half-dozen states. They are split relatively equally among the five levels of study (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Grad). I insist that my students get along as a group, and that is no problem here since everyone seems very willing to help each other out and contribute to the overall welfare of the UAHS.


School of Music Auditions (Prospective Students)

Admission to the UA horn studio is a two-part process: first, an official application to the University, acceptance into which is based on academic records and history. Then a private audition is scheduled anytime the two of us can meet in Tucson. It's pretty straightforward and I believe the admissions process is on a rolling basis, with no cutoff date per se. In lieu of an in-person audition, a CD or DVD can be sent, provided it includes pre-approved selections.

Please see below for more specific audition requirements:

Specific Audition Requirements

The purpose of an audition is to leave me with the most complete overall impression of a student's musical abilities and attitude. In addition to your playing, it is assumed you will be well prepared and act professionally.

While I am getting an idea of how well the student will fit into the UAHS in particular and the UA Schol of Music in general, the auditioning student is also getting an idea of how I teach, an impression of life in the UA Horn Studio and the compatibility of the atmosphere here with what the student needs in order to thrive in horn study. An acceptance by each of us is, barring any unforeseen circumstances to the contrary, a commitment to work together with me and the student's peers for the length of time it takes to complete the desired degree. The audition will include aspects of a mini-lesson, so the student can assess whether the style of teaching is one that would be helpful and inspiring.

Audition pieces should follow these guidelines:

  • Undergraduate degrees:
  • Two contrasting etudes;
    Two contrasting solo movements (from 2 different pieces, at least one from the standard horn solo literature);
    Four standard excerpts from the major orchestral literature (Pottag, LeBar or are mostly good to choose from);
    Major and minor scales up to four sharps and four flats, three octaves;
    Basic ear-training skills;
    An advanced level of playing abilities.

    Graduate degrees:
    Three contrasting etudes;
    Three contrasting solo movements (from 2-3 different pieces, at least one from the standard horn solo literature);
    Five standard excerpts from the major orchestral literature;
    Major and minor scales up to five sharps and five flats, three octaves;
    Ear-training skills;
    A high level of playing abilities.

    Three contrasting etudes;
    Four contrasting solo movements (from 2-3 different pieces, at least one from the standard horn solo literature);
    Six standard excerpts from the major orchestral literature;
    All major and minor scales, three octaves;
    Advanced ear-training skils;
    An exceptional level of playing abilities.

    For all auditionees:
    In choosing your pieces, be sure to select pieces that represent your level of musical accomplishment.
    Be prepared to play all major scales up to four sharps and four flats.
    Be prepared to play a chromatic scale (make sure you use this opportunity to demonstrate your full range)

Finally, be prepared to receive constructive criticism and suggestions gracefully and non-defensively. Part of the audition consists of an assessment as to how you will fit into the school and the studio, and work well with professors and other students. If you have any further questions about the audition process, please feel free to contact me via email. Thank you for your interest in the UA Horn Studio! I hope to hear from you soon!

For more information regarding auditions, admissions, and/or scholarships/financial aid, please visit the School of Music Website.


Ensemble Auditions (Current/Incoming Students)


Band/Orchestra auditions for the 2009-2010 school year will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2009. Be sure to check the UA website in late spring 2009 for up-to-date information. All auditions will most likely take place in the UA School of Music Room 162. TO DOWNLOAD AUDITION REPERTOIRE OR SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION TIME, PLEASE VISIT THE UA BANDS WEBSITE.

This is the one audition for the horn sections of all the bands and orchestras (except the jazz bands). The audition materials will consist of the following prepared excerpts:

Please be prepared to audition at least 5 minutes before your audition time.

For more information regarding the bands and orchestras, please visit the UA Bands Website.


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