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NOW SHOWING at the Lionel Rombach Gallery: Leanne Miller | Pushing Through the Layers
Exhibition Dates: Dec 16, 2014 - Jan 15, 2015

Leanne C. Miller's work investigates consciousness, science, spirituality and landscape through a mixed media approach to painting. Her images are set in a world that is both real and unreal, as well as diagrammatical and full of sub-atomic energy. Other parallel universes and quantum physics divide up the landscape to create a liminal space.

Leanne C. Miller graduated from The San Francisco Art Institute in 2005, and is currently a 2015, MFA Candidate at the University of Arizona. Leanne has shown her work in San Francisco, CA, Tucson, AZ, Pensacola, FL, Brooklyn, NY, and Sofia, Bulgaria. 





"Upside Down Mountain, #1" acrylic paint, cut paper, spray
paint, paint pen on canvas, 2014, 4ft X4ft