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NOW SHOWING at the Lionel Rombach Gallery: Billions, Ryan Napier
Exhibition Dates: Sept 29 - Oct 8, 2015 Reception date: Sept 30, 2015, 1:00 - 2:00pm













Ryan Napier, Billions I, pencil on paper, 2015



Billions, is an exhibition of large-scale drawings by MFA candidate, Ryan Napier. The size of the works within the space create and immersive experience in the tangled linear world that has been part of his paintings for the last decade.

This project alludes to similarities humans have in their shortcomings, and how, despite them, people are often pitted against one another. Nearly 30,000 pencil lines are stand-ins for humans: all uniquely different, yet incredibly similar in their imperfections. The thin linear quality of the drawings can also refer to biological commonalities such as capillaries, neurons, hair, or strands of DNA.

Ryan spent fifteen years of his youth in Italy, where he started cultivating his love for drawing. After moving back to the US in 2002 he pursued a degree in art, increasing his interest in fine art and painting. After several years of creating and exhibiting his work in Colorado he enrolled in the graduate program at U of A.